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floor graphic

Example floor graphic

We are a custom graphics and signage supplier and servicer in the Phoenix, AZ metro area and we work with all sorts of different businesses in all areas of local industry. One growing trend is custom floor graphics. We can produce logos, directional graphics, safety graphics and more. We can work with your existing artwork or we can start from nothing to create something attractive and effective. Floor graphics are great marketing and promotional tools.

Directional and functional use for professional graphics

Graphic installations on the floor such as the one in this example photo are great for quickly communicating simple ideas through pictographs, symbols or images and simple text elements. There are many ways to use floor graphics like this. If you need to direct people to a location or provide a navigation marker or some sort of functional signage where you know people are looking down, consider floor graphic installation.

Sell sponsorship packages at your facility

Use the floors at your facility to make real revenue and turn floor graphics into a sponsorship fundraiser or advertising business to generate money. Professional, semi-professional, collegiate and high school athletic groups have all done this. We can help you get started.

Create consistent team spirit experiences

Team spirit is like branding. You need advocates so you create a great experience with visual communication at the forefront. Custom floor graphics can help you achieve just that. Display your custom team logo and other team elements to build a brand behind the team. Get the community involved. Floor graphics will allow you to do this effectively.

Safety and procedural use of graphics

Safety and procedures are important for many businesses, particularly in heavy industry. Those businesses need to avoid injuries, disasters, product loss and even fatalities. They can do this with custom safety and procedural graphics that can also be applied to floors if needed. They are great for warehouse use. If you have a plan to install graphics such as this, give our full service shop a call to get started.

-Written by Blue Chip Signworks