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Your Reception Area is the first thing clients see upon entering your facility. A first impression is a valuable one-time opportunity. Use it to communicate something about the character, values, and personality of your company.  A Business Logo Sign in the Lobby is one of the focal points in the reception area. A clients eyes should be drawn to a space above the reception desk through graphics, coloring, and lighting. Central to this space, an artistic custom crafted sign displaying your business logo can be used to make this statement.

Use materials like acrylic, brushed and gloss aluminum, or wood to show your company name and logo.  Think about the image your sign is making and what it is telling clients.  The position, lighting, colors, size, and materials all contribute to make statement about your values and company personality.  Use the wall space in your reception area to build your brand with clients, staff, and the vendors you work with.  Keep your lobby sign fresh and updated with your current logo and image and it will serve you well.