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Need a Custom Vehicle Decal to promote an Upcoming Sale Event?

At Blue Chip Signworks, we specialize in custom vehicle signage, like Decals and Wraps. Vehicle Decals can serve many purposes, be short-term or long-term additions to the vehicle graphics, be affixed to doors, tailgates, or rear windows and be totally custom!  Your intentions and vision for the decals will be fully realized with a design by our graphic designers.  We’ll print the decals and install them with minimal inconvenience to you.

What are Vehicle Decals?
Decals come in as many types and variants as there are people to dream of them.  They can be anything from your business’ logo to custom racing stripes with skulls every 8 inches.  Decals can be permanent, meaning they are intended to stay on the vehicle long-term (yes, we can get them off without damaging the underlying paint),  or they can be very short-term, like a custom entrant racing number on your car for a poker run.  At the end of the event, you can remove the decal yourself.

How are they different from wraps?
A wrap is a much more extensive graphic on the vehicle and spans seams, body contour lines, and handles, lights, and other body fixtures.  Generally, decals are designed to avoid these features.  In addition, a wrap is nearly always a permanent adhesive, while decals may be temporary low-tac adhesive.  Decals also require, as a result, much less investment to complete.

Who can benefit from using vehicle decals?  Decals are a great option for contractors.  A plumber or electrician, for example could have an eye-catching graphic illustrating what they do (wrench on a leaking pipe), several decals for the payment card types they accept, their business contact info, and the key decal with the business brand.  Hobbyists, car enthusiasts, and weekend sports fans can use custom decals to show their enthusiasm with their vehicles as a canvas.

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Custom Car Decals – Custom Truck Decals

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