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"Etched Glass" vinyl Signs

Does your bright open office floorplan provide no privacy
to those holding meetings in conference rooms?
Would you like to add a classy, custom touch to increase
privacy while maintaining the bright open feel?
“Etched Glass” conference room signs may be the thing you are looking for.

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Add a high class privacy screen to your glass partitions

At Blue Chip SignWorks, we specialize in working closely with our clients to create a very positive office atmosphere. Open floor plans and glass walls are great for creating airy, well-lit spaces and an open and inviting amosphere in an office area.  However, sometimes this becomes too much of a good thing.  You can add a high class custom look to your glass partitions using custom cut “Etched Glass” vinyl, while increasing privacy and maintaining the open lighting characteristics.

Etched Glass Window Vinyl

Etched Glass Vinyl

Etched glass vinyl is a unique and cost effective way to give your glass partitions a custom designed look while increasing privacy.  Come to our design studio and work with our experienced design team to add your logo or create a custom geometric design.  After application, the glass wall will appear to be “etched” with a design custom to your business.  This etched look provides just enough privacy while still letting through the light.  Unlike actual etching, if you update your logo next year, it can be removed and upgraded to your new logo.  The high quality vinyl product looks great from both sides of the glass.

If you have any questions about Etched glass vinyl,  give us a call.  Or you can fill out the form to the right, and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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