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Vehicle Fleet Wraps, Fleet Graphics, and Business Logo Fleet Branding

Would your business benefit from Consistent Branding & Messaging across your line of several similar vehicles.

Fleet Vehicle Wrapping or Branding may be for You!

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What are Fleet Graphics?

Put simply, fleet graphics are sets of very similar wraps or decals we can apply to your several vehicles to achieve a consistent look, reinforce branding, and realize some cost savings to boot.  Here are some examples….

What is a fleet?   A fleet is at least two similar vehicles which will be outfitted with a similar graphics packages.  What does this mean?  As an example, let’s say you own 3 Ford transit vans, all different model years, two small vans and one large van.  You want a consistent branding scheme across all 3 vehicles. Our designers would work with you to arrange the graphics to look very consistent, and with good layout, across the entire set of vehicles.  By designing and printing all of the graphics at one time, you get a very consistent look.  By consolidating the printing work, you can also get the job done for a lower investment.

Who can benefit from fleet graphics?   Fleet graphics are especially beneficial to businesses with multiple delivery or installation crews and vehicles.  Contractors and Construction crews are one example.  Contractors for plumbing, electrical, roofing, HVAC, pest control, pool care, carpet cleaning, housekeeping services, landscaping, or appliance repair are some examples.  Delivery companies like florists, restaurants, or appliance stores may be another good example.  In all of these cases, a consistent, well conceived branding approach across the entire set of vehicles will help improve positive name and brand recognition for your customers.

What benefits can I expect from installing fleet graphics from Blue Chip Signworks?   Your brand is one of your most valuable assets.  Displaying it Proudly and Consistently, positioned for maximum effect, will get you Noticed and Remembered.  If you have a regional or national brand, Blue Chip Signworks is your single point of contact for designing, organizing, and scheduling your fleet installs.  We will work with our partners throughout North America to project manage the installations with minimal disruption to your schedules and operations.  Consistency across vehicle types, locations, and model years as you upgrade and replace aging fleet vehicles is what builds strong brand recognition with your clients.   Our wrap printing and installation is top quality, in both materials and methods.  No hassle, no worry brand building is our specialty.

Are the graphics removable?  What if I change my logo?  Yes, the graphics are removable.  Again, we use project management to schedule the removal and new installation with our nationwide network to upgrade the logo.   We will minimize vehicle downtime and any impact to your operations.  We can even help you with the design of your new logo, if that is of interest to you.

Are fleet graphics cost-effective?   Fleet graphics are one of the most cost-effective forms of branding / advertising available to you.  By combining all of the vehicle logos into one print run, we can minimize set ups and wasted material, passing the savings on to you.  In addition, we can print-forward one or two sets of graphics, if you know you will be replacing vehicles in the next year or so.  By doing this, you can capture the volume pricing on the graphics for vehicles you may not even own yet.

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