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BACKWALLS For Trade Show Booth Displays

Use an eye-catching Backwall to attract visitors to your Trade Show Booth

Custom Backwalls are an anchor element for your Trade Show Booth Design.  

There are few places where there are more ready-to-buy potential clients than a trade show related to your product and service offerings.  With the right booth design and graphic elements, we can help you maximize the results you get from the time spent at these shows.  There are lots of potential clients at one site at one time, but they are overwhelmed by the number of distracting elements all around.  You need a solid anchor element to your booth to pull them in for a closer look.  A properly designed backwall does just that.

Some things to consider are: ease of transporting the backwall, ease and time to set up and tear down the backwall, design of the backwall, type and materials used, cleaning and storage of the backwall when not in use.

The simplest backwall is a set of retractable banners with coordinating graphics.  Simply set up the banners side by side with the image tiled onto the banners and you are set. 

The next step up is a pop-up display with laminated or fabric panels.  These set up quickly, snap together, and transport easily in a case the doubles as a stand or podium on site.  The graphic panels attach with hooks or magnets.  Total setup or take-down time is about 15 minutes.  The graphics are stunning, and the whole backwall gives a very professional look. 

If you want the full-on top-of-the-line look, a custom or modular display booth can be designed and made for you.  These booth backwalls have integral shelves, video monitors, tables, brochure stands or other elements to showcase your offerings at the event.  Modular backwalls are a cost effective way to get into this type of booth design, with mix and match elements constructing a very high end look.  At the top end, a full custom booth and backwall design is possible, showing your brand and products in your way.

At  Blue Chip Signworks,  we design, and fabricate the high impact Trade Show Display Graphics that will attract potential clients to come and speak with you.  We love to help our clients realize maximum ROI from their investment in Trade Show Display Items.

Join our design team to create the custom graphics that achieve your marketing and advertising goals. An attention-grabbing design with a compelling message ensures that your booth will attract the new clients you need to grow your business!

Blue Chip Signworks  is a full-service signs and graphics company located in Phoenix, Arizona.  Contact us at (602) 828-9541.


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BACKWALLS for Trade Show Booth Displays

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