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Custom Vehicle Magnets

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Custom vehicle magnetic graphics are a good solution for short term mobile advertising.

Your car or truck is a great platform for advertising your business.  A full color easily removable graphic magnet is a great way to add your business contact information to your vehicle at a job site and remove it for personal use in the evening.  Another reason for a magnet is to be able to visit a job site without advertising who you and attracting unwanted attention.  Magnets are a cost effective and quick solution to getting your contact info on your vehicle when you need it.

At  Blue Chip Signworks,  we design and fabricate custom vehicle magnetic graphics that get your business noticed.

When is a vehicle magnet the right choice for you?

  – You want graphics that can be easily and regularly applied and removed.  Its especially important, with the extreme climate in Arizona, to remove the magnet at least once every two weeks and thoroughly clean both the magnetic surface and the vehicle paint.  A magnet left in place long-term in this climate can easily become permanently bonded to the paint.  If you need a graphic decal for your vehicle for a single short-term period of time, also consider a vinyl wrap film with low-tac adhesive that you can remove and discard yourself when done.

  – You don’t plan to use the magnetic graphics on the freeway at high speeds. Magnets are not a good solution for vehicles seeing a lot of high speed freeway driving.  They can come off at speed.

You plan to remove the graphics when parking the vehicle unattended for long periods.  It’s just as easy for someone else to remove your cool graphics as it is for you to do it.  It does happen.

– You live in an HOA community that doesn’t allow advertising on vehicles parked in driveways overnight.  Many HOAs have restrictions on parking a vehicle outside.  Often, vehicles with wraps or lots of text and graphics will be in violation of these codes.  A vehicle magnet can solve the problem. Take the magnet off when you arrive home.

Do you have any questions about vehicle magnetic graphics? Contact us at (480) 785-3940.

Blue Chip Signworks  is a full-service signs and graphics company located in Phoenix, Arizona.  We proudly serve Ahwatukee, Chandler, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, and the entire valley of the sun.


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