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canvassunsetSince founding Blue Chip Signworks, one of our favorite products has consistently been Art-quality canvas photo prints.  Canvas signs and graphics are incredible.  They have vivid colors and an image softness that you don’t get printing on any other media.  We have 3 canvas prints in our studio and plan to add more.  The first one in our studio is a sunset over the ocean with bright oranges and contrasting blues in the sky.  We hung it from the drop ceiling using brushed aluminum “snapper rails”  which allow you to swap out the prints occasionally if you want to do that.  It gives a clean, professional look.  The canvas fabric itself is a heavy, rugged, artist canvas, digitally printed.

We also have a frame mounted canvas sign in our showroom.  It’s a scene of a field of flowers at sunset.  Here is a piece of the image.


For framed prints, we use the super Jack Richeson canvas stretcher frames.  The frames come in various thicknesses from light duty up to aluminum reinforced frame sides and cross bracing.  One of the trick features of the Richeson art frames is the corner keys, which allow for simple tightening of the canvas by just turning a small nut, should it ever stretch. These frames are art unto themselves.


Web quality jpeg images don’t do justice to these canvas prints.  If you are in the area, please feel free to stop by and see the canvas prints in person.  They really are something special.  If you would like conference room signs or medical office waiting room signs, for example, consider canvas photo prints.  You can provide the image to set the proper mood and fill a wall with beauty.  Call Blue Chip Signworks at (480) 785-3940 or complete the “Get a Quote” form to contact us about prints of your own!  We look forward to hearing from you soon.