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About Blue Chip SignWorks

Ahwatukee, Phoenix, Arizona


is a family-owned business located in Ahwatukee, Phoenix, Arizona. 


Blue Chip Signworks mission is to provide the high-impact, quality signage which helps your business to succeed.  We are a full-service sign company – dedicated to outstanding customer service, exceptional design, flawless project management and superior products.

The owners, Mike and Helen Zunino, each have over 25 years experience in engineering operations, management, design and technology development. We will utilize our state-of-the-art equipment, manufacturing techniques and the finest materials to tackle your most challenging signage projects and deliver on time.

 As part of a nation-wide network of over 300 sign companies and regional firms, our resources are virtually unlimited. Large or small, no project is too complex. We would love to partner with you on your next project.

Here are five things we’d like to tell you about Blue Chip Signworks:

  1. Our team is very experienced with over 25 years combined efforts in the signs and graphics industries.  With great talent on our team, we strive everyday to be the Best Sign Company in Phoenix.
  2. We are a Green company.  We use only Latex inks.  These inks emerge from the printer dry.  They don’t emit Volatile Organic Components (VOCs) for hours or days after printing.  VOCs are a key component of urban smog. We do our part by not contributing to that.
  3. As part of a nationwide network of sign companies and with no geographic limitations on the area we can serve, we are ready to assist you with regional jobs or even jobs across North America.  We work with our affiliates every day to serve corporate clients.  We are ready to serve as your single point of contact as you continue to grow your business.
  4. With over 50 combined years in leadership positions in corporate America, Mike and Helen are well acquainted with best practices in complex project management, communicating progress to corporate partners and managing significant supply chain projects.  When you give us a project, you can “consider it done”.
  5. We are passionate about  “Branding”.  It really is all about building your brand.  We are at our best when partnering with you to design and showcase your brand as you build your business.  It’s what we mean when we say “Blue Chip Signworks – Investing in your success”.


We serve Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale, Mesa, AZ and more.