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Blue Chip Signworks is part of a large organization of independent sign shop owners and operators. We still paint signs for businesses in the Phoenix, AZ and surrounding communities. We are a family owned business and a leading provider of sign and graphic design, installation and product sales in the region. Blue Chip Signworks may have a great number of resources, but we still provide personal local service. A painted sign doesn’t get more personal or local. That’s what makes us professionals. Our team can paint all types of signs in the area. Painted signs are still in use at many businesses and they still have the same appeal.

Painted Signs Inside and Outside

Blue Chip Signworks will paint signs or graphics on the inside or outside of buildings in Arizona. Painted signs benefit customers because they minimize disruption to operations, as well as minimize construction and noise while the signs or graphics are being painted onto the building. Painted signs last a long time. We will also maintain them with touch-ups and restoration as needed. They can also give your business that vintage or retro look from the “good old days”.

Get Started with Your Painted Business Sign

Call the team of professional sign painters at Blue Chip Signworks (480) 785-3940 in Phoenix. We will setup a plan for your graphics, logo, etc. to be painted on your wall or other locations at your commercial space. This family run sign shop carries plenty of colors and we can always order custom colors to get the look and feel just right. Call Blue Chip Signworks for an appointment.