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sign design – example image

If you are in the market for a company that repairs signs and graphics that have been damaged in the Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler area, you have come to the right place. If you are wondering what kinds of sign products and services we provide, pretty much anything. Blue Chip Signworks catalog of graphics, products and services is much too exhaustive to include as a general list. We are a full-service solution for installation, design and production of signs and graphics. We provide indoor signs, outdoor signs, commercial graphics and repair of signs. Call Blue Chip Signworks at (480) 785-3940 to learn more about a specific type of sign that you need for your business or organization. We will answer all of your questions as thoroughly as possible.

Graphic designers with skill and talent

We use a number of leading software techniques to illustrate and design graphics and signs, like those in the photo. We create signs and graphics for indoor and outdoor use, at various types of businesses. We can create designs from scratch or use your existing artwork and modify it for a new business sign, such as a monument sign or for custom vehicle or wall graphics. Make your brand elements stand out with contrast and consistency. Blue Chip Signworks excels at this kind of thing.

Installation of your custom graphics or signage

Not only do we create logo designs and illustrations for your business to use in signage or graphics but we also install the finished product as well. We also sell sign products that you can install yourself quite easily such as banner signs, A-frame signs and others. We can ensure that your graphics or signage also meet any requirements or regulations. We have a number of materials that we can use to construct a sign and a variety of different configurations. So consult with Blue Chip Signworks on your next project for interior exterior signage.

Repairing your sign or graphics

Weather, nature and vandalism can all erode of the quality of your sign or graphics materials. Children and animals can also sometimes culprits. The southwest desert heat and wind that picks up dust and debris doesn’t help matters either. We can come to your location and repair your sign. Call Blue Chip Signworks at (480) 785-3940 to find out how.