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Tradeshow season has arrived in The Valley of the Sun.  It’s time to evaluate your signage and collateral for portable presentations and off-site events.  At Blue Chip Signworks, we can help freshen or completely redesign your off-site marketing and presentation materials.  Tradeshow booth design is one of our specialties.

You know networking and making connections is the growth engine of your business.  As you navigate the leads groups, business fairs and networking events you attend, having quality presentation aids will help you make the most of the few minutes available to you.  You need  quick-to-setup, easily portable graphics and displays.   Small, light sign panels for tabletop or easel displays work well.  Another popular option is retractable banners or roll-ups.  They are eye-catching, minutes to assemble and come with their own travel bag.   The popular sizes can be completed in 2 days.

Retractable BannersRetractable Banners 1

Businesses having a small booth at a trade show event or business fair, can benefit from Blue Chip Signworks trade show booth design expertise.  We can help you get the most for your investment in quality presentation materials.  For indoor events, retractable banners are again a good choice.  Fabric extendable displays are very eye catching as well.  With double sided die sub fabric graphics, place them to grab traffic coming from either direction and steer it to your booth.  You can invest in a colorful pop-up backwall to entice potential clients to enter.  If your event is outside, a printed canopy tent with your logo will create an inviting shady environment to lure customers.  Add a fabric back wall to create a booth-like space outdoors and add splashy graphics to your space.


Pop-Up Backwall Display with Podium

Other items to consider are full-color, die sub table throws and flags.  These table fabrics can be printed with your logo, your product brands or any other image you’d like.  Standard sizes are available for 6’ and 8’ tables and can be ordered with full 4 sided coverage or an open-back 3 sided version.  If your event is in a large venue, having a flag alongside your booth can help potential clients locate your brand, product or services in a large room.  Flags come in many sizes and styles, with graphics custom designed for your events.

Small Falcon Flag

Small Falcon Flag and Table Throw


Large Teardrop Flag

Large Teardrop Flag

At Blue Chip Signworks, we look forward to working with you to create portable displays that will help you grow your business.  Call Blue Chip Signworks at (480) 785-3940 to discuss your needs or get a quote.  You can also visit our website or our Trade-show site for more information.