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Lobby signs are a unique kind of signage.   

By the time clients see your lobby sign, they are already inside your suite.  They have found your office successfully and is presumably ready to do business.  So why the lobby sign at all?  


Clear Acrylic Lobby Sign with 3D Logo and standoffs

Your lobby sign is the ultimate presentation of your brand.  It is your single best opportunity to control all aspects of the brand in order to convey, most clearly, who you are and what you stand for.  Think of it as art.  You need to consider the whole effect: the placement of the sign in the room and on the wall, the lighting of the sign, what other items are in close proximity to the sign, the size, shape, texture and color of the sign, and the color and texture of the wall behind the sign.    Subconscious messages, moods and attitudes are just as important as anything said in text.  It’s all about how the clients feel about your brand when they leave that room.  A lobby sign in a bank should look a lot different from one in an events planning firm.  Where the bank sign says solid, trusted, reliable and strong, the event planner’s sign may say fun, carefree, lively and energetic.  These are very different messages. 


Lobby Sign with 3 Dimensional Letters and Logo

If you are considering a lobby sign, start with a list of brand values.  Write down what your brand means to you.  Only then will you be able to carefully arrange everything to express the exact message you want your clients to receive.  Your lobby sign is your signature.  Blue Chip Signworks will design, fabricate and install lobby signs that tell your story.

Custom lobby sign

Lobby sign, brushed aluminum and halo lit