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One key hurdle all businesses face is the necessity to constantly remind clients of who they are and what they do.  With all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, its easy for your clients to put you out of their thoughts.  They may have the best of intentions to do something, but life gets in the way.  What you need is a classy, interesting reminder to get them thinking about you again.

Consider Vehicle Graphics.  A few colorful graphics showing a positive outcome of working with you, along with simple text giving contact information, is very effective in capturing potential clients.  They see the graphics and say to themselves “I’ve really been meaning to …” and jot down your contact info.  You can gather clients in this way wherever and whenever you go anywhere, park anywhere.

Vinyl Lettering and Graphics

The Club Pilates vehicle graphics we just did is an excellent example. The graphics show active people hiking and climbing in some incredible scenery.  The tag line “Do Pilates.  Do Life” gives potential clients a road map to get to those places and that lifestyle.  Contact information is in clear, easy to read text.

Vechicle Text Rear

On the back is a call to action. “Follow Me to Pilates!”.  Here you are sitting at a red light behind this vehicle and if you’ve had thoughts about taking better care of yourself (and who hasn’t) here is the first step.  This kind of text and graphics is very cost effective, never turns off, and gets you noticed by a new set of people on every drive.

If you would like to consider Vehicle Graphics and Text as a part of your marketing, We’d love to help you design a mobile marketing platform for your business.  If you have more than one vehicle and want a consistent and cost effective solution, fleet graphics may be right for your.  Give Blue Chip Signworks a call at (480) 785-3940 or fill out the Contact Us form and we will get back to you.  Hope to hear from you soon!