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A box truck is a beautiful thing!  A fleet of box trucks is even better!  A fleet wrap is a great way to leverage your vehicles to get your message out there.

A typical box truck provides over 100 sq. ft. of high impact graphic space, on each side, to you every day.  With well thought out branding and messaging, each day you can expect hundreds of people to see the benefits of working with you.  While driving, and even while parked, high impact graphics get the message across.  Those who have been worrying over a problem your company solves, will get that little boost it takes to help them take the next step…and contact you!

Here in the Valley of the Sun, hard water is a big problem.  It ruins your pipes and corrodes your fixtures.  You either have a water system or you are thinking of getting one.  One of our clients, All About Water provides solutions to these problems, and they deliver it with a box truck fleet.  Perfect!  We worked together closely to design a fleet wrap showing the benefits of the water treatment solutions they provide.  For an effective, high impact fleet wrap, it’s important to keep the message simple, use strong images showing the benefits of the product or service and focus on branding to reinforce awareness of the company.  Blue Chip Signworks accomplished all of these things with the box truck fleet wrap design we implemented.  It incorporates both the company brand and the brand of the treatment systems they sell.  An image of a happy, healthy woman with a refreshing glass of clear, clean water makes the point about the benefits of installing one of their systems.  The company phone number and website are presented in easy to read large text for prospective clients to easily get the contact information even while driving about town.

All About Water now has a fleet of box trucks wrapped and ready to highlight the benefits they provide their customers.  On every trip to each job, they get hundreds of visual impressions from people who either need their service or know someone who does.  Often, several neighbors in a housing development may need this type of service in the same time period.  Having the truck parked at one home can draw the interest and notice of several neighbors nearby.

Use a fleet wrap for consistent, high impact, cost effective messaging.  Leverage your investment in your company vehicles by turning them into a mobile sales-force and watch your business leads increase.