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Your Reception Area is the first place clients visit upon entering your facility. This area will make the first impression of your business.  A first impression is a valuable one-time opportunity. You should plan it and use it to communicate something about the character, values, and personality of your company.  A Business Logo Sign in the Lobby should be one of the focal points of the reception area. With proper placement, a clients eyes should be naturally drawn to this sign.  Choose a space above the reception desk through height, size, coloring, and lighting. Central to this space, an custom artisticly crafted sign displaying your business logo can make a strong statement about what your business values.

We typically use materials like acrylic, brushed and gloss aluminum, or wood to show your company name and logo.  These are strong, clean materials.  To get the most value from a lobby sign, you need to think about the image your sign is making and what it is telling clients.  The position, lighting, colors, size, and materials all contribute to make a statement about your values and company personality.  Use the wall space in your reception area wisely. Build your brand with clients, staff, and the vendors you work with.  Your logo and brand are always a point of pride for your employees and your logo sign should reflect this.  Keep your lobby sign fresh and updated with your current logo and image and it will serve you well.

There are several other things to keep in mind.  One is the mood effects of various colors have on your clients.  Think about the values you want to emphasize and pick your colors accordingly.  If your lobby or reception are has windows, you will probably want to take a look at the area at different times of day to get and idea how the changing light conditions affect the impact of the sign.  All of these things can influence how well the sign conveys the mood and character of your business.  At Blue Chip Signworks, we love this stuff.  Give us a call and let’s see what we can do for you.  480-785-3940