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Vehicle Wraps are an incredibly cost-effective means of increasing awareness of your brand, your products and your services.  You can think of a wrap turning your vehicle into another salesperson.  This one works for you 24/7.  Just like any other salesperson, as you think about investing in a wrap for your vehicle, it pays to think about where you want to get most of your views and who are the key target audiences for the wrap.

For home services companies, one key target audience may be the neighbors of your current clients.  Pura Vida Pool Care, Ahwatukee, one of our clients, is a good example.  The Vehicle Wrap works great for them in getting additional clients in the neighborhoods they already service.  This is very desirable and cost effective business, minimizing the time wasted sitting in traffic through Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, and Chandler.  This type of Vehicle Wrap is intended to attract attention when the vehicle is parked.  The viewer has more time to take in the graphics and the message.  Wraps like this are very effective for home services companies like pool care, home cleaning services, maids, pet care services, landscaping companies, etc.

For other businesses, your main audience views your wrap as you drive around.  You can get very good exposure with these types of wraps.  In these cases, it is important to keep it simple.  Make your point with a few key words and phrases and give your contact information.  Make good use of the rear of the vehicle.  At traffic lights and stop signs, the motorists behind you have a longer opportunity to get a very good look at the rear of your vehicle.

It pays to put some thought into your target audience when planning a wrap.  Sit down with our professional design team today and see what your vehicle could be doing for you.