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Growth is the lifeblood of any business, but it doesn’t come without issues and concerns.  When you add vehicles to your fleet, you want to maintain a consistent, professional look across the whole fleet of vehicles you own and operate.  A strong brand is build with clients through repeated positive interactions with a consistent brand presentation.  For this reason, it’s important to have the new vehicle match the rest of the fleet in terms of color, graphic placement, size, and theme.  In addition, you want your new vehicle in service quickly with the right graphics and with minimal hassle to your staff.  Fleet Vehicle Graphics

When Foothills Pool Care and Repair added an additional truck to their fleet, they contacted Blue Chip Signworks to provide the graphics.  We had created and installed the graphics on their other vehicles.  This included several other pickup trucks and a large trailer.  Because of this we had all of the graphic elements and installation measurements on file enabling us to accurately match the graphics.  Foothills Pool Care brought the new truck to the shop after hours for pictures, measurements, and consultation.  The text colors were adjusted for the base color of the new truck (they have one other red truck), with the owner’s inputs. We finished the graphic design work, printed all of the graphic elements the next day.  When the truck arrived later that day, all of the necessary graphics were taped and ready for installation.  The truck arrived early afternoon that day and was finished and ready to go by the end of day.  In total, We completed the job from start to finish in under twenty-four hours, quickly getting the new truck into service.  Blue Chip Signworks strives every day to provide outstanding service to our customers and using fleet graphics is one way we can do that.  Call us at (480) 785-3940 for info about how we can help you with your growing fleet.