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Agua Trucks has a large fleet of Sweepers, including HOA street sweepers, parking lot sweepers and construction site sweepers.  As a growing business, Agua Trucks is constantly adding and replacing vehicles. Fleet Graphics are a great options for Agua Trucks, both to save money and to maintain brand consistency across the wide range of trucks..

Occasionally, good deals arise on used or surplus equipment in the market.  If these vehicles have been well maintained, they can give years of trouble-free service.  It’s a good recipe to add vehicles to growing fleet.

But they have other companies graphics or no graphics at all.  When Agua Trucks secured a new sweeper recently, they contacted Blue Chip Signworks to develop eye catching Vehicle Graphics for the new truck.  As part of a national sweeper alliance, the overall graphic elements were well defined.  We worked around the topology of the vehicle to design the placements of the logos and phone number in highly visible locations that won’t immediately be hidden by layers of caked dirt.

When the truck arrived, we worked to remove the existing graphics and residue from the adhesives. Then we cleaned the areas for the planned installations.  All the graphics were printed and ready prior to the truck’s arrival, so the overall installation went very quickly.  Since this is the first truck of the model type we did for Agua Trucks, we made measurements and took pictures to save time and insure consistency on any additional vehicles of this type we are asked to do in the future.  The time at our facility was under 4 hours to complete the installation portion of the job.

This is a great example of using a fleet vehicle graphics approach to driving, pun intended, brand consistency across your stable of vehicles.  Whether you have two, three, or fifty, vehicle graphics will save you money and time. More importantly, it insures that wherever and whenever a potential client sees one of your vehicles, it reinforces the brand image and recognition in their mind.