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When The Berkley Companies decided to announce a re-branding of one of their divisions, they contacted us at Blue Chip Signworks to assist them in creating new office signage.  They understood that a brand name change is a very big deal to employees. So, a full celebration and unveiling of the new brand was planned. 


We worked with the Berkley team over the course of several weeks to develop new branding signage. The end result was a comprehensive office signage package, which included employee motivational signs and a large lobby sign proudly displaying the new business logo.  We worked to produce all of the signs over a few weeks.  The signs contained an artistic combination of acrylic, 3 dimensional letters, digitally printed vinyl and paint. 

We had a hard deadline for completion of the signs.  All of the new signage needed to be in place and covered before the morning of the unveiling event.  Because the brand change was to be kept secret until the unveiling, we scheduled an evening installation for the night before the big event.  We began the installation after the employees had left for the day.  While the Berkley team picked up guests traveling in for the event, the Blue Chip Signworks team worked to install and then cover up all of the new office signs.  With careful planning, we were able to complete the installation work within a few short hours.  The next morning at the celebration, all of the coverings were removed and the new brand was proudly displayed with attractive new lobby and office signs. 

Blue Chip Signworks takes pride in providing exceptional customer service.  When evening installation is needed, we will work with you to get it done.  If you have a milestone event upcoming for your business and need office signage to support it, contact Blue Chip Signworks at (480) 785-3940 today.