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Custom Vehicle Graphics

I’ve always loved cars. Cars are one of my things. I know a lot of people feel the same way. Others I know really take to motorcycles and MX racing. Still others like to truck a sand rail out to the desert and rough ride it around for a lot of fun. Here in the desert, who doesn’t enjoy a day at the lakes on a PWC or wave-runner?

If you’re like me or many of my friends, just owning and using these vehicles is never enough. You want to improve them by tuning and mods. There is always some project ongoing to improve performance or customize the look and feel of the vehicle. That’s where Blue Chip Signworks comes in.

Maybe you just finished installing a performance mod kit and low back-pressure exhaust system to your new F150.  It runs amazing and sounds great.  You know you don’t want it to look just like every other F150 out there right?  What if you could “Shelby-ize” your ride with some custom flat black stripes that mimic the theme of Shelby vehicles.  There wouldn’t be another like it anywhere.

We can do amazing things with printed or even cut vinyl graphics. Vinyl comes in an amazing variety of colors, gloss levels, and even textures. Would you like your hood to look like carbon fiber? No problem. Maybe you’d like a wrap with a vinyl that changes color depending upon the lighting and angle. How about putting red, white, and black camo style wrap on your sand rail? Been there, done that!

Let’s say you are a green energy enthusiast and love to find ways to go further and further on less and less.  How about an electric SMART car?  But wait, you need to let people know just how green your machine really is.  We can help.

Finally, you have plans for the big MX racing weekend upcoming but the graphics are looking a little dogged.  Come and talk to us.  We race too!  We’d love to help you with that.