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We are often approached by new businesses in the process of setting up their first office.  It could be a medical office, a law office, or the office of some other professional.  The clients have a vision for the look and feel of their new office space. They know they want to add an office lobby sign with their business logo on the wall  behind the reception desk.  One of their first questions is to inquire as to the types of signs that would be appropriate for a logo sign in a business reception area.  We’ve put together this blog to show some examples of different types of signs we’ve installed recently.

3D Lobby Sign

The first general type is 3 dimensional letters mounted directly on the wall.  This gives a clean, clear, custom look.  The pricing depends on the size and number of letters and elements and the type used. Materials used include formed plastic, cut acrylic, cut aluminum, and pan channel letters.

Custom Business Lobby Sign

The second major type of lobby sign is an acrylic backed sign.  The acrylic may be clear, white, black or any color desired.  The lettering and logo may be anything from cut or printed vinyl to the same kinds of 3D letters described above mounted on the acrylic.  The acrylic sign is often installed on the wall using decorative standoffs.  A third type of sign is similar but uses an aluminum panel and base.  Other aspects are similar.

Office Sign

A fourth type of reception sign is a custom fabricated brushed aluminum pan sign.  The face is laser cut with the logo and lettering.  The cutouts have welded returns along the edges so everything looks very clean and custom.  Additional text or logos can be added to the face using vinyl 3D letters.

Finally, there is the lit sign.  This one is a combination, using cut acrylic letters faced with vinyl pushed through an aluminum pan sign.  The sign contains LED lighting for the overall halo affect and the lighting of the acrylic lettering.

When it comes to lobby signs, the sky is the limit.  Come and talk to us. We understand the pride you take in this particular sign.  Together we will create something very special.