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We all know of the growing importance of social media in promoting our businesses.  Getting positive mention in photographic posts to Facebook and Instagram can drive significant interest in your business, products and services.  The best examples of these are real-time, spontaneous, unplanned testimonials.  A situation arises where someone has a positive experience, they snap a few photos with their phone and post to social media.  Bingo! A Positive mention testimonial is created with real-time photos!

Since these situations are spontaneous, and therefore unplanned, how do you create them?  You really can’t create them. But, you can provide outstanding products and services likely to generate positive mention, provide photographic opportunities to your clients and be prepared to leverage the situation when it comes up.  You can do that with a sign or logo that you get in the picture to leverage the value of the posting on social media.

Real Estate Signs

Recently, we’ve done this type of promotional signage for local mortgage lender, Redstone Mortgage.  Redstone Mortgage is a great mortgage lender that values personal relationships and the referrals from realtors that come from those relationships.  Blue Chip Signworks worked with them to develop “Welcome To Your New Home” Key signs for exactly this kind of promotion.  They give the “keys” to realtor partners that provide the best referrals.

These are simple coroplast signs about 4′ long by 2′ high that can be held by the realtor on closing day in a group photo with the new homeowners. (Coroplast is a light-weight, corrugated plastic that works great for this type of signage.) These photos get posted to Instagram and Facebook and show the happy new homeowners and help promote the realtor.  This is powerful stuff.  Here is a great way to prepare for such an opportunity and leverage it when it occurs.

Let your happy clients, experiencing milestone events, help to promote your business.  If you’d like to think through how you can leverage the power of social media with simple promotional signage, give us, Blue Chip Signworks, a call at 480-785-3940.