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Well, It’s hard to believe its already a new year.  With 2018 upon us, it’s natural to reflect on where we are, where we want to go and our goals for the coming year.  I’d like to take this opportunity to make some suggestions about branding and signage related goals for 2018.  Your brand is who you are, it’s your signature and it is very important.  Your signage is your stake in the ground.  Both are key to your business success and should be reviewed regularly.  Early January is a great time!

Let’s start with your business logo.  Does it still represent your business well?  Does it reflect the current values and aspirations of your business?  Is it still fresh, current and vibrant or is it starting to look a bit dated and weathered?  Your brand and your business logo are the stamp you put on everything from your employees shirts to your vehicles, to the classy lobby sign in your reception area.  It’s got to do a good job of capturing your vision and values.  If these things are not strong, maybe now is a good time to explore updating your business logo.

Now take a look at your exterior signage.  It’s job is to make it easy for clients to find you and draw them into your facility.  Again, does it still look fresh and professional?  Are the colors still vibrant?  Is everything still straight and clean?  Maybe a little sign repair can freshen up the look.  Perhaps you need to explore a new fascia sign or monument sign with a clean, current, professional look.

Finally, in your reception area, you have ADA signage on the entrances, exits, and restrooms and that all-important business logo sign.  Make sure all of the braille dots on the ADA signs are still present and the signs look and feel modern and professional.  For the lobby sign, just like your logo, Is it still doing its job of displaying your logo in the best possible configuration?

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