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Your Brand makes a promise to your clients.  Your customers select your brand over others because the brand promise delivers value to them and they feel they can depend on your company to deliver on that promise.  Companies rely upon their employees to deliver the customer experience their brand promises.  All of this leads to the question, “How well do your employees remember your values and your brand promise”?  If your customer facing teams don’t focus on the promise, how can they be expected to reliably deliver it?

We have several clients who have contracted us to create wall graphics, in high grade cut or printed vinyl, detailing the mission, values and brand promise of their organization.  These graphics don’t have to be wordy or elaborate.  A simple, well-understood phrase of why you do what you do will keep your teams energized and focused.  With this kind of motivation graphic, simple is better.  Use the project or program logo you use in your HR training materials.  Define a phrase or logo to represent the way the client should feel after each interaction and post it, with large easy to read graphics, right on the wall of your office area.

We did this graphic for Campus Logic in Tempe, AZ.  This is a great example of what I have been describing.  Large, high contrast letters describing a new goal or an objective.  Put it out there.  You can add a thermometer or gauge updating progress to a goal over time.  Think about getting the mindset you want in your teams with one glance.  As with most things, it all comes down to communication.  The more you have and the simpler it is, the better.

If we can help you to motivate or communicate with your teams using high impact wall graphics, give Blue Chip Signworks a call at 480-785-3940.  Effective signage is not a cost, it’s a blue chip investment.