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Congratulations!  Your business is doing great.  In fact, you have taken some of that cash flow and invested in a new trailer to save you time loading and setting up at job sites.  Fantastic.  However, after you attach the new trailer to your truck and get ready to head out you realize that traffic behind you can no longer see the vehicle graphics on the back of your truck.  No longer is your logo, phone number, and website in clear view to all the traffic sitting behind you at every red light.  There is an easy solution, though.  Put graphics on your new trailer.

Cost Effective Trailer Graphics Wrap

Trailer graphics have some big advantages over cars and trucks.  First, it is a big space.   Trailers are tall and broad.  There are typically no windows in a utility trailer so you have a large space on which to place eye-catching graphics.  Second, trailers can be parked in strategic locations when you are not using them.  They can function like a mobile billboard for you business.  Third, with far less body lines and contours than a car or truck the cost to wrap a trailer and be quite a bit less than trucks, especially if there are not a lot of rivets to wrap around.  Lastly, you can use a fleet wrap approach to have graphics on your trailer match you trucks at a reduced cost.

Trailer does double duty with graphics wrap

Recently, one of our clients, Foothills Pool Care, purchased a new trailer and brought it to us for graphics.  We had done a trailer for them early last year and used the same theme and artwork scaled for the new smaller trailer.  From the rear, drivers get a nice set of graphics including full contact info, license numbers, and catchy graphics.  The consistency in the graphics with the other trailer and the trucks promotes brand identity and recognition in the local communities.

If you are considering a similar approach, adding graphics to a new vehicle addition to your fleet, give us a call today at Blue Chip Signworks 480.785.3940.